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Roadblock: My Portfolio

I’m going to start a sort of series of the different challenges or “bumps in the road” so to speak that come up as I learn more about what it takes to be a journalist. A huge part of learning is realizing how much you didn’t know in the first place and I’ve had way too many of those moments when it comes to journalism. So, whenever a new challenge arises, expect to see a new post with the title “Roadblock: …”


A glimpse of my “portfolio–in progress”

The first “roadblock” has to do with putting together my portfolio. As I have been collecting clippings and newspapers that contain an article that I wrote, I realized that I am having a hard time determining how to keep track of everything. I haven’t officially learned how to put a portfolio together but I know that I need to be collecting my work now and keep a record of what I write.

When I was in high school and opportunities to write for a magazine or newspaper weren’t so common, it was easy to keep track of my work. Also, when I did write, that’s all that I did–write.

Being a part of my university’s school newspaper, as an assistant news editor, I am starting to realize that keeping track of my work is a lot harder than I anticipated. As journalists, you take pictures, blog, edit, produce, write, design, illustrate and work with film. I am not really sure how I’m supposed to document all of that in a way that I can present to my (potential/future) employers.

This made me question: how do journalists keep track of everything they do? Unlike most other careers, I feel like journalists are always adding to their portfolio daily. I started my portfolio in a binder, now I’m thinking I’m going to need a file cabinet!