Roadblock: InDesign, Stress, and Anticipation – Oh My!

Yesterday was the day before the publication of my first issue as editor-in-chief of The Collegian (my university’s newspaper), and I basically spent all my time in the office working with InDesign to reformat everything before emailing the pages to the printer. Let me just say that my experience with InDesign so far has not been a positive one and even though our paper probably wouldn’t exist without it, I’ll be honest, there are times when I loathe the person who invented it – okay, maybe not loathe, but you get the point.

The scary part of looking at a paper right before you email it in is that you could mess up weeks worth of work with one click of a button. Also, you get really picky about the layout and begin zooming in on the pages to make sure every little line and box and column fits in its place. The morning before I sent in the issue to be printed, I realized that something had happened to the format of the papers and they were a little outside of the lines, meaning that there might’ve been a chance that some of the pages would’ve been cut off when they were printed.

Anyway, needless to say, I was a bit stressed out but the paper was sent in on time and anxiety took the place of the stress. In fact, right now, I am sitting in the office waiting the arrival of the newspapers… not to mention the papers were supposed to be here 20 minutes ago and it looks like one of our page numbers were wrong (which was probably my fault). Oh, the life of a student journalist.


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