From Journalist to Stalker

So, quick story. I had to do a short online article on my university’s new library hours. Since everything obviously looks more appealing with a photo, I wanted to take a picture of some students working in the library. But that was the problem, they were actually all working and I didn’t want to disturb anyone.

To make matters worse, I only had my phone for a camera. As I was trying to hold my phone up and take a picture without anyone noticing, I felt (1) really embarrassed and (2) like a stalker. I mean, what would you think if you saw some random person using their phone to take a picture of people in the library without them noticing. And then, this picture happened… 


Now, if this doesn’t look stalker-ish I don’t know what would…haha

Yes, I’ll admit it. I did resort to taking pictures from behind bookshelves. Hey, it was worth a shot, right? Anyway, in the end, I decided to go without a picture, but I got a good laugh at myself as I discovered another unexpected thing (stalker) this major has turned me in to. I guess it’s all part of the job. 


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