The Scary Side of Journalism


Tonight, I went to a haunted house that the RA’s at my university put together. Now, don’t judge me, but that was kind of my first time going to a haunted house. I wasn’t expecting it to be that scary, but, long story short, I couldn’t stop screaming! It wasn’t very long, but by the end, with scare after scare popping up one after the other, I was getting exhausted. When I saw the normal staircase, lit up and free of surprises, words cannot express the amount of relief I felt.

So, what does my first “haunted house experience” have to do with journalism? Well, I’m glad you asked. There are times when the great big world of journalism coupled with the mystery and uncertainty of my future is even more terrifying than that haunted house.

At first, finding out about all the different roles journalists play excited me. There was so much for me to learn and experience. I felt like I was doing something “journalist-y” as I strived to keep my Twitter and blog updated. But then, as my class projects and essay deadlines started to approach, I felt overwhelmed. Like running through that haunted house, I started to wonder, will I ever get a break to catch my breath? Is this something that I can do for a living? I start to panic, wondering how much more of this craziness I could handle, but then I saw the light (not like I was dying but the “light at the end of the tunnel” kind of light). That same feeling of relief came over me as I took a deep breath, realized I’m still alive, and prepared to enter into yet another “haunted house.”

Yeah, the future can be spooky and suspenseful, and yeah, life can get so extremely tiring to the point where you don’t know how much more you can take, but then you live to see another day. You pass those deadlines and you walk out of it relieved and renewed for whatever awaits you around the corner.


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