WJMC: Day 1 (running off of no sleep)

Just a head’s up, this is going to be a super short post. 1) Because this is after 12 hours of traveling and then some and 2) Because it was only a half day and most of it is a blur due to the fact that I’ve been dead tired the whole day!

Honestly, I’ve never felt this tired before, I actually don’t feel too well. However, I’m going to take what our first guest speaker, Mr. Chris Cillizza, said and just continually push on and keep writing (which is why I’m blogging even after all my roommates are in bed). Anyway, what he shared was really motivating and a great way to kick start this amazing week.

Tomorrow’s going to be a super busy (but fun) day, I’m going to go to bed so that I will hopefully be more functional tomorrow and give you a better account of what’s happening.

WJMC has officially begun. Maybe not with as much energy, on my part, as I expected, but I’m still super excited. Hope this post is at least somewhat comprehensible. Good night.


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