I frequently mention how so many opportunities have come my way on this “journey to journalism,” but never really get any more specific than that… until now.

The biggest, most amazing thing that has happened to me so far, is, without a doubt, being nominated to be a National Youth Correspondent at the Washington Journalism and Media Conference (WJMC).  I wish I could tell you that I submitted all these essays, and did all these outstanding projects that got me recognized and nominated, but this whole thing came about with close to no effort on my part. You see, students can only be considered to be invited through nomination by a teacher/educator. The thing is, I’m home schooled, so I didn’t really understand how I could even be nominated in the first place.  Turns out, they also look at PSAT scores, and when I took the PSAT, of course, I put “journalism” as my desired major. I actually still don’t know how my PSAT info got to them, but to sum it all up, I got nominated for this just for filling in a few bubbles on the back of my PSAT answer key (and not bombing the PSAT probably helped a little too).

This is what I mean by amazing. The biggest opportunity in my journey to journalism came when I was least expecting it (I didn’t even know what WJMC was until I received that invitation in the mail). On top of that, I didn’t do anything to pursue it (although, I’m not saying that good things come to you by being complacent and lazy.)

Anyway, I feel like this experience is exactly what I need to prepare me for college, set me on the right track , and show me what it takes to thrive in this industry. I can’t really explain fully what this conference entails because (1) I haven’t gone yet and (2) I tend to get giddy and ramble too much whenever I start talking about this upcoming trip. However, what I will do is post entries about my experience as I’m going through them. Ideally, I plan to do one entry per day and post them at the end of each day, but depending on how busy it gets, I might cram my whole experience into one post or just post the daily entries at the end of the conference. Either way, you will be hearing about it–so stay tuned!


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